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Jealousy in Sims 4

Jealousy is easily one of the most annoying things to deal with in The Sims 4. It appears very often when we put two Sims into a romantic relationship. And although jealousy is a realistic touch to the game, it’s simply not working as intended. So, how do you deal with jealousy in Sims 4? How do you remove it? Is there a Sims 4 no jealousy mod?

The answer is not that simple. Ever since The Sims 4 came out back in 2015, people have been trying to create a good and working no jealousy mod. And throughout these years, there have been a couple of them. However, almost none has lasted until 2022. Either the mod is simply not finished or the creator hasn’t come back to update it later.

In any way, it’s almost impossible to find a standalone no jealousy mod for Sims 4. However, there are two major mods that have the option to disable jealousy in the game. These are huge mods with tons of different options, including the “no jealousy” one.

So, let’s see how they work!

Check these Sims 4 period mods for your female sims!

Sims 4 No Jealousy Mods – All You Need to Know

MC Command Center

The first mod that I want to discuss with you is the MC Command Center. This is the most popular and the overall best mod for Sims 4, so you should have it nonetheless. And if you want to remove the jealousy in your game, it’s a must!

Here’s how MCCC works.

MC Command Center is composed of modules – individual mods that add a lot of settings to your game. Each module is responsible for a specific thing or a category in Sims 4. For example, MC Population is all about changing and determining the Sims in your world, from their number to the gender ratio.

Similarly, the MC WooHoo module adds many different options to the WooHoo part of Sims 4. However, it also gives you the freedom to turn off jealousy too. So, you can use the MC Command Center with the MC WooHoo module to disable jealousy for good in your game.

The only problem with this is that you can’t use the “no jealousy” part of the mod alone. You have to install the entire MCCC and then add the MC WooHoo module. This can be a problem for many people, so I leave it to you to decide what you’re going to do.

You can download MC Command Center from here.

Wicked Whims

If you don’t know, Wicked Whims is another giant mod for Sims 4 that focuses on other things than MCCC. Wicked Whims is an adult mod, meant only for players that are above 18 or 21 years old. So, please don’t install it if you’re underage.

WW is also composed of many different modules, each giving you a major set of options inside the game. For example, Wicked Whims has a puberty mod that is super realistic and many people love it. But again, it’s pretty visual and not meant for people under 18 years old.

You can also disable the jealousy with Wicked Whims. If you decide to install it, you can navigate like this – Wicked Whims settings > relationships > cheats. Here you’ll find the option to turn of jealousy so your Sims won’t get affected by it.

The Sims 4 Slice of Life Mod Guide!


As you can see, there are two major no jealousy mods for Sims 4. Both MCCC and Wicked Whims can help you disable jealousy in the game, so it’s up to you which one you’re going to use. I’ll recommend using the MC Command Center since it’s generally safer and it adds more gameplay options.

Good luck!


How do you make Sims not jealous Wickedwhims? ›

You can also disable the jealousy with Wicked Whims. If you decide to install it, you can navigate like this – Wicked Whims settings > relationships > cheats. Here you'll find the option to turn of jealousy so your Sims won't get affected by it.

Can Sims be polyamorous? ›

If you want them to be dating you would need to add mods, as the base game doesn't allow polygamy. Mods can add multiple boyfriends/girlfriends and even marriages.

Why aren't my Sims getting jealous? ›

Do you have MC Command Center installed? There is an option with that mod where sims don't get relationship jealousy. So if you have that installed it's possible you may have clicked that by mistake?

Can you have a one night stand in the Sims? ›

You can use the phone to access the dating app, and you have three choices. Specific dates, blind dates and one night stands.

Can a sim have two boyfriends? ›

While Sims cannot have more than one fiancé/e or spouse at a time, they can have multiple boyfriends and girlfriends. As many as you want, in fact! Sims can even have multiple boyfriends and girlfriends while engaged or married to someone else. So yes, you can be 100% monogamous… or a player in The Sims 4.

Can Sims 4 have babies with boyfriends? ›

Found right next to 'WooHoo' in the interaction menu (either on the target Sim or the WooHoo-able location), 'Try for Baby' also becomes available at the same point in a relationship: when the couple in question have around 40%-50% in the Romantic relationship metre and/or are in a formal relationship (Dating/Engaged/ ...

Can you WooHoo with more than one Sim? ›

It does not require a single Sim to WooHoo with 50 unique NPCs.

Can Sims be married but not living together? ›

Also, as previously mentioned, married Sims do not necessarily need to live in the same roof. Children can be conceived and raised when both parents are separated and regardless of their relationship, if any.

Can Sims have three ways? ›

There is no polygamy nor polyamory any further than that in TS3. Sims can only have one partner at a time as there is only one data field to hold that piece of information about them, and "partner" is defined as Steady BF/GF or higher. One exception to the above is for sims who travel to other worlds.

How do you get rid of jealous factors? ›

12 Ways to Let Go of Jealousy
  1. Find the source.
  2. Communicate.
  3. Get another opinion.
  4. Find another angle.
  5. Consider the big picture.
  6. Practice gratitude.
  7. Rethink your response.
  8. Go deep.
Oct 31, 2019

Can Sims catch each other cheating? ›

Getting caught. Having an affair can be risky, as getting caught can possibly ruin the relationship with the other Sim. WooHooing as another lover passes by on the same lot, even if they're on opposite sides of the lot. However, in The Sims 2, a Sim doing this will not be caught if the other lover is sleeping.

How many Sims can be pregnant at once? ›

Q – How many pregnant Sims can I have at one time? A – You can have one Pregnant Sim in the Pregnancy Event at a time - however you can have an unlimited number of Pregnant Sims up to your Sim count level.

Can Sims WooHoo without a bed? ›

When designing or building a home for a Sim, a bed is likely among the very first items that should be placed. Sims just won't be happy without one. Along with sleeping or napping in their bed, Sims that are in a romantic relationship can hop into the bed and WooHoo.

Can Sims get abortions in Sims 4? ›

To have an abortion in The Sims 4, players must pay an amount of the game's fictional currency (1,000 Simoleons). They cannot perform the procedure beyond the second trimester of the pregnancy. The character will feel guilty “in most circumstances”, notes Axios.

Can you have 3 boyfriends? ›

It is usually a committed relationship, but polyamory can come in all forms. One form is called polyfidelity, it means that there is a committed relationship between the people, and they are sexually faithful with each other. There can be three people in the relationship or more.

Is a Sims 5 coming out? ›

While Project Rene has been officially unveiled, the release of the fifth core Sims game is still a while off, maybe as late as sometime in 2025.

Can two Sim girls have a baby? ›

In The Sims 4, any couple, regardless of sex, can have children.

Does WonderfulWhims allow polyamory? ›

The Wonderful Whims Mod adds lots of useful quality-of-life features from chemistry to reputation to polyamory.

Does slice of life conflict with wicked whims? ›

No, it isn't highly detailed like wicked whims where it has items so even NPC's can fully take care of their cycle. If you want to have a highly detailed cycle then I highly recommend wicked whims mod because it has objects and everything! Is it wicked whims compatible?

Can a single SIM get pregnant? ›

If your Sim isn't already in a relationship with a Sim that can impregnate them, you'll need to have them befriend one. Find or create a Sim who can get others pregnant and build their friendship with the Friendly or Funny interactions. Female Sims you didn't create usually can't impregnate you.

Can Sims get drunk? ›

Drinking too much Kombucha results in the sim getting dazed. Sims can purchase a home bar and can learn the mixology skill. Though the bottles are not specifically detailed, it can be assumed that they are alcoholic. Sims can get dazed (which is the equivalent to drunk) by too much drinks and coffee.

Can male Sims get pregnant? ›

Male-Female Pregnancies in Sims 4

Male Sims can get pregnant in Sims 4. To do this, you will need to use the 'Try for Baby' interaction with a female Sim. The game will then give you the option to choose whether the baby will be carried by the mother or father.

Can a pregnant sim WooHoo? ›

A Sim cannot WooHoo while pregnant.

Can Sims WooHoo with family members? ›

Yes. The settings you're looking for are under Woohoo / Species: Human / Allow Near Relation Woohoo, and if you want them to be able to flirt with each other, Romance / Species: Human / Allow Near Relation Romance.

Can Sims WooHoo with the same gender? ›

Sims, prior to Sexual Orientation essentially use the above setting. They have no inherent attraction to a specific gender, they can have their attraction shift through gameplay, and they will WooHoo with any gender.

Can you marry 2 Sims at once? ›

Marrying Multiple Sims Together

You'll need all the Sims on the same lot in order to get them married. Invite them over using the phone, move them all in together, or use cheats or hacked objects to summon them to the lot. You don't need to build up their relationships beforehand unless you want to.

Can a Sim have 2 wives? ›

With the polygamy mod, your Sims are now able to have a relationship with -and marry - more than one person at a time. You can go the Hugh Hefner route and date multiple hot blondes or, if you prefer, you can even enter a group marriage - let your freak flag fly!

Can a married Sim move out? ›

There's also an option to move out an entire Household and Merge it with another Household.

Can Sims 3 get pregnant from WooHoo? ›

Getting Pregnant

There is also a small chance that just WooHoo will result in pregnancy, but this is less likely. However, young adults, and Sims who have had fertility treatment, have a greater chance of pregnancy from plain old WooHoo.

Can a Sim be homeless Sims 4? ›

The goal of the Sims 4 Homeless Challenge is to make 5000 simoleons without the help of a house or a job. Whilst simultaneously staying alive with everything homelessness throws in your face… When you reach §5000 you can start to build a house.

How do you ask to be WooHoo partners in Sims 4? ›

If you are on friendly enough terms with another Sim, you can ask them about their WooHoo preferences and their Romantic preferences under the Romance social tab. Make sure you are quite close with that Sim, first!

Can extreme jealousy be cured? ›

Psychotherapy is often an effective treatment for jealousy. A person who experiences jealousy might benefit from working with a therapist to process painful emotions and reframe negative, damaging thoughts that affect their behavior.

What is the root cause of jealousy? ›

There is not one root cause for someone's jealous behaviors or feelings, but there are a few reasons why someone might feel this way, including insecurity, past history, or fear of loss. Jealousy can be triggered by these and might create tensions within your relationships.

What are the 6 types of jealousy? ›

We can identify six major types of jealousy: pathological (paranoid), romantic, sexual, rational, irrational and intentional.

Can Sims kidnap other Sims? ›

Your sim will call the kidnapped sim's family and they'll transfer §5000 to you. There's a small chance that the family members will shoot you and give your sim a fatal injury wound that can be treated with surgery. After the ransom is paid, the family will hug their kidnapped sim and take them home.

Can Sims fall in love with siblings? ›

Ty to Daedrical, I found the answer, "you can not romantic interact with family members". At least for siblings and parent-child.

Do cheaters realize what they lost? ›

They experience overwhelming guilt, their extended relationships suffer, and they often fear the potential karmic effects of adultery. Cheaters often realize the effect of cheating in relationships once the damage is done. Counseling can be helpful for people who have a pattern of being unfaithful to their partners.

How do you have a polyamorous relationship in Sims 4 Wicked Whims? ›

The mod that you can do this with is called: WickedWhims. It has the polyamorous trade and the no jealousy trade. You get them by earning points and then spending them in the trade store of your sim to get them certain characteristics.

Why is my sim jealous? ›

Sims will become jealous if their "partner" is unfaithful, even if the partner does not view the jealous Sim romantically. Thus, a Sim can become jealous even if there is no actual romantic relationship between the two Sims.

What does the jealous trait do in Sims 4? ›

Sims who have the Jealous trait are able to build all skills faster when they are around their Significant other since the Confidence mood increases all skill building rates. Sims with this trait will have greater success with building social skills.

Do Sims with player trait get jealous? ›

Sims will no longer become jealous when sims with the Player trait perform romantic interactions with other Sims in front of them.

Is there puberty in Sims 4? ›

Puberty and body changes in The Sims 4 High School Years explained. Puberty, we've all been through it and now with High School Years, our Sims are going to go through it too.

Why is my Sim getting fat? ›

If your Sim is consuming foods that are high in fat, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients, there is a chance they will gain weight. What is this? Every type of food in the game has its own number of calories. However, Sims lack a human metabolism, and these calories result in weight gain.

Can your Sim catch their partner cheating? ›

If an affair/cheating is noticed by the betrayed lover, they will become angry and relationships points will be lost. Sims involved in an affair can be convinced to leave their spouse, which immediately divorces the Sim from their spouse.

What is the best Sim trait? ›

Sims 4: 15 Best Trait Combinations
  • 8 8. Gloomy + Outgoing.
  • 7 7. Loner + Perfectionist.
  • 6 6. Lazy + Genius.
  • 5 5. Creative + Art Lover.
  • 4 4. Childish + Family-Orientated.
  • 3 3. Romantic + Family-Orientated.
  • 2 2. Music Lover + Creative.
  • 1 1. Geek + Loves Outdoors.
Mar 7, 2020

Can Sims get addicted? ›

Drugs can form addictions (which will result in an addiction moodlet for the affected sim), and repeated use of drugs in a short period of time can result in a sim's death by overdose.

What is serial romantic in Sims? ›

A Sim who completes the Serial Romantic aspiration gains the Player trait, which prevents other Sims from getting jealous of their actions, such as using a Romantic-type interaction on a different Sim in front of their spouse.

Can kids have crushes in Sims? ›

Yes, you can have your cute little sim kids/teens visit their crush, and we love that.

Can NPC Sims break up with you? ›

Yep, you can. All you have to do is perform enough love actions with the sim you like and then the sim you would like to break up with will become a friend. (enemy, I guess.)

Do NPC Sims flirt? ›

they won't flirt while they are working. You can invite them to hang around and then they could flirt with you if they have the flirty character trait or you watch the Romance Channel on TV together, but there are no guarantees.


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